Friday, April 18, 2008

Spring is Here!

Happy Spring!

Spring is a time for spring cleaning, of seeing the seeds that were planted earlier in the year start sending up new shoots, planting flowers, and celebrating the warmer, longer days! Isn't it so inspiring to be able to go out and just enjoy the beauty of nature? The birds and the plants know that it is that special time too! The birds that spent the winter in the south are coming back, most with their nuptial dresses (plumage on) ready to find a mate and start new families, the birds who braved the winter are setting up house and defining their territories by singing and letting the world know that that space is theirs. Spring is such a wonderful time of the year!

The change of season is also a time to look back at the season that just passed and reflect on how we spent the time. We will never see the winter of 2007-2008 again. Did we make it count?

When we greet the New Year and make those famous New Year's Resolutions, what we are doing is planting seeds for our year. The winter is when you decide what seeds you are going to plant, where you are going to plant them, and then prepare the soil. When spring comes we start seeing the tender shoots that our seeds have sprouted. What comes up is what we have nurtured and watered during the winter months. In order to have those seeds turn into strong plants, ready for their spring growth, we need to continue watering, pruning to get rid of any weeds that may come up, and tending those tender shoots so that they do not get overexposed to the elements.

Where are your New Year's resolutions? Have you been tending them and watching them send out new shoots or did you abandon the seeds after you initially planted them? Spring is here! It is not too late to go back to those resolutions and pick the one(s) that you are really committed to helping grow and start clearing away the weeds, start watering, and start nurturing. What you choose to do now and what you pay attention to will grow and flourish! Take time to find at least one resolution that you made this year and tend to it like you would a plant that you want to see live and grow. You will be amazed what you will have by the next season!

If you want to take one of your New Year's resolutions and see it grow into reality, contact me at (210) 492-672 or e-mail me at We can talk about your strategies for spring time!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

What is stopping you? Strike when the Iron is Hot!

This morning I got up very inspired to write an article for my blog. I had something important to share which is what got me out of bed this morning. After doing my morning routine, the hot idea slipped me, and I still have not been able to re-find it in the "filing cabinet" of my brain! What did I learn from that?

My maternal grandfather was a blacksmith who helped build the Panama Canal. One of the cardinal rules of blacksmithing is to "strike while the iron is hot!"

In looking back, I have noticed that most successful people have a system that makes their success a no-brainer. One to the tools in the success tool box is to catch their newly formed idea and process it immediately in one of two manners: they write it down in a journal or notebook that is kept at their desk, or they put it in an 'idea folder' with a date in which they will get back to it, sometimes they jot down the key words that will jog their memory when they get back to it. Doing this allows them to keep the idea alive and yet frees their current thought processes from trying to hold one idea down while doing something else.

What wonderful ideas have you had today? What did you do with them? Ideas are like seeds. They need planting in good soil and nurturing in order to grow to be fruitful and serve others. What system do you have in place to make sure that you take care of your seeds and new plants?

If you have any thoughts or a system on ‘idea-nurturing’ that you want to share, please respond in this blog or e-mail me at, and I will share them with the readership.

Today is the only day that we have; make it a masterpiece!

Coach Lorna

Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Power of Your Thoughts

I was cooking for friends that were coming over for dinner when I realized that I was in seventh heaven, feeling empowered, on top of the world, and in control of my destiny! The feeling was soooo strong and all encompassing; the clarity that I had about my future was crystal clear! I had never felt so sure of myself, of my purpose in life, and in what I could accomplish. My plan encompassed starting a mastermind group, a book club, and propelling my transformational coaching into the stratosphere! I could see touching the lives of many women and helping them have the same feeling of power and of being 100% responsible for our actions, our reality and our destiny. What had happened to have me on such a high?

In Texas, and specifically San Antonio, the residents are being plagued by Mountain Cedar allergies. Mountain Cedar is one of the few trees that send out their pollen in the winter. I have been suffering through that, along with having caught the bug of the month. So, I am not feeling at 100%. Yet, what happened?

I changed my thoughts and once I did that, the natural succession of events occurred. You see Thoughts beget Feelings which beget Actions which beget Results.

I had been struggling with lack of clarity and a messy desk in addition to wanting to make 2008 be a great year for me. It all started with my coach helping me set my intentions for 2008. Once I was able to write down in detail who I wanted to be by Dec. 31st, 2008, and was able to clean my desk so that my thoughts could be clear, I was able to see and figure out what steps I needed to take in order to be who I want to be and to do all the amazing things I want to have accomplished by the end of this year.

All of the major pieces fell in to place rather quickly, once I was clear. I am now able to see how I am going to be able to live my life’s purpose, and I see my vision right in front of me. It is the beacon towards which I will travel this year.

I plan on having other people join me. One cannot live a life of purpose alone. I am interested in finding women who are willing to take personal responsibility to make 2008 their best year yet and have fun doing it. Women who accept responsibility for 100% of their lives, who want to invest in themselves and help others; who are ready to live a life of purpose and of choice. So I am inviting the first 15 women who write to me and who are willing to commit to a year of growth and transformation to join me in this journey. When you e-mail me, we will discuss the details of our journey together.

I am excited about this, and I am looking forward to having 2008 be a great success!